Reflex Weaponry

Reflex Weaponry
© 2009 GodLikeMouse
Released: 1 Jan 2009
11 tracks(57:37)GodLikeMouse is pure Drum N Bass. Futuristic electronica soundscapes combined with hard hitting in your face Drum N Bass beats and basslines.GodLikeMouse (Jason Graves) got his start in the early 90’s playing in various hardcore metal and death metal bands. As the lead guitarist and vocalist, he did most of the arrangements the bands played. Being versed in all traditional rock and metal band instruments, he eventually gave up the group band life and began anew as a Drum N Bass producer. The transition to Drum N Bass with it’s heavy accentuated bass came naturally as the bands he previously played in were rooted in extremely gutteral tones and growling bass riffs.



Track Listing

  1. Exhale Nitrogen (Featuring The Empire Crew)
  2. My Body (Featuring Raquel Joseph, Alex Hodge, Blake Reary vs. GodLikeMouse) Remix
  3. Into The Astral
  4. The Change
  5. Die Like A Samurai
  6. Reflex Weaponry
  7. Serial Killer
  8. The 3rd Evolution
  9. Alessa
  10. Need Your Love (Featuring Laurie Webb)
  11. Rise of The Machines

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